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Change subplot configuration when calling plot()

  • Greetings,
    I want to change the subplot configuration when I call plot() because I'm not able to see all the label at x- and y- axis when I call plot().
    I can do so when the plot is rendered by clicking on 'Configure subplots' and then changing the left, bottom, right and top values, but I want this to be ready from code-level.
    I have read the complete documentation and was unable to understand how I can make this happen.
    Thanks in advance,

  • administrators

    It is not foreseen. The code is meant to isolate you from the details of subplots. You will have to dig deep in the internal structures if you want to do it at code-level.

  • That's a shame.
    Is there any way I can help on that respect? Maybe add some lines and some logic if I fork the project?

  • administrators

    Do as you see fit. That's not expected to be manipulated by the user, who has no direct access to the subplots.

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