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    Following ideas, proposals, pushes and comments similar and disimilar to those, for example, in this post Community - What is the direction of backtrader, the last weeks have been used to craft an idea about the potential future of backtrader.

    It has been named Algotopian and it's being shared today, for review, comments, feedback. First in this community (for which a Category will be opened), because backtrader is the root of it and later in usual forums.


    The Whitepaper has been worked and reworked several times and this first shared version and will probably be extended with a couple of topics which are under discussion. It has been felt in any case, that the concept and feasibility of the ideas presented were mature enough.

    Other alternatives such as Patreon, Kickstarter and direct engagement have been considered, but the one presented in the paper has emerged as the winner. It may be the right choice and it may be not. This is left to people to decide.

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    This post is deleted!

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    A couple of weeks later after we kick-started the idea of Algotopian and after having evaluated the interest from users, in the form of registrations, investment interest and team participation, we have made
    a final decision with regards to the project.

    Although the number of registered people exceeds our expectation, this number doesn't match the bare minimum needed with regards to investment.

    It wasn't our intention to burn the names of agreed team members, advisors and an additional founder, because as we are doing, we wanted to be able to quietly cancel the project, without also having engaged into any kind
    of funds collection.

    We'll probably recycle the name Algotopian in connection to the further development of backtrader and potential services around it. But at the moment, the project is officially cancelled.

    Thank you for your interest and best regards.

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