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Thank you @backtrader

  • Just wanted to say thank you for your hard work in building, documenting, maintaining and supporting this wonderful free resource.

    I have spent the past couple months building a fairly straightforward (but highly successful) crypto algo trading system using backtrader and several other resources. I expect to be able to adapt this system to stocks / ETFs following certain patterns.

    Originally I had begun building a backtesting framework myself, and once taking the time to read the quality documentation and samples, plus this community group, the benefit and ease-of-use of backtrader became clear.

    I know a lot of times working in open source is thankless and you don't feel anyone really appreciates your work, so just wanted to take the time to say I appreciate it.

    I hope to at the very least try to contribute back to the community and help others.

    ** No, I won't be sharing the code for my implementation here - sorry ;-) -- just to save anyone asking!

  • @alpha can you share... :P No just kidding

    Yes you are right. Thank you @backtrader :)

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