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Sizer calculating ATR indicator values

  • Is there a way for a sizer to hold the ATR calculation without initializing ATR in the strategy init?
    For design decoupling purposes I would like the sizer to calculate a specific ticker's ATR value and then compute the position size,the ATR calculation should be the sizer's "head ache",not the strategies init ..
    Can a sizer calculate ATR values for data without that ATR been initialized in the strategy?

    this does not seem to calculate ATR values :

        # inside the sizer 
        def _getsizing(self, comminfo, cash, data, isbuy):
            atr = bt.indicators.ATR(data, period=self.atr_parameter) # not initialized in __init__,**always empty ...**
            return position_size_that_depends_on_atr  #  crash ..

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    The Sizer instance is created inside the Strategy and the indicator will look for such Strategy to register itself. It has to do it or it wouldn't else work.

    Bottomline: It will still be as if you had done inside the Strategy

    Caveat Emptor: never tried.

  • OK,
    Thank you for your reply ( and kudos on the incredible work ..)

  • Has this been solved? If so is it possible to post the Sizer code? Thanks!

  • class AtrBasedPositionSize(bt.Sizer):
       def __init__(self, atr_parameter, one_bar_risk, atrs):
           self.atr_parameter = atr_parameter
           self.atrs = atrs
       def _getsizing(self, comminfo, cash, data, isbuy):
           if(len(data)<=self.atr_parameter):return 0
           ticker = data._name
           position_size = int(( / self.atrs[ticker][0])
           return position_size 

  • Thanks !

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