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Find if an open position is a losing position

  • Hello,
    Is there a way to find if an open position is losing, when inside the Strategy next () method?
    by losing I mean its PnL<0

    Thank you.

  • administrators

    After much thinking, there is no direct method. It is possible, but if doesn't feel natural and will for sure be modeled in a better way.

    The howto:

    • Get the position for the data of your choice
    • Get the commission info object which applies to that data
    • Calculate the current profit and loss

    In code

    def next(self):
        pos = self.getposition(  # for the default data (aka self.data0 and aka self.datas[0])
        comminfo =
        pnl = comminfo.profitandloss(pos.size, pos.price,[0])

  • Eventually, I saved the open price in a file and read it in next() method, easy...

  • You could create a dictionary in strategy.init. In notify_order: order.completed, insert an item with either the symbol or order.ref as the key, and either the order object (to later retrieve size and price), or order.executed.price as the value.