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A message to @backtrader

  • Hey @backtrader ,

    You don't know me, I don't know you but you've created something very useful. I read that the project went through some tough time because of copyright issues/etc and that you were stepping away as a result.

    I can relate because I have my own software project that has been running for a decade and it often feels like an albatross on my neck. If you are anything like me though, it pains you to be unable to spend time doing what you feel like backtrader needs.

    If finances are an issue, may I suggest:

    1. Patreon
    2. Consulting (I can hire you right away to add a couple of features)
    3. Write a book

    Anyway, hope that you're able to come back to active development some point soon.

  • administrators

    Thank you for the message. All options are being considered (messages from other threads were also conveyed)

  • I'm very new to Backtrader and the community, but I have to echo the comments made here. After having worked with various other python & non-python trading platforms, I was blown away when I stumbled upon Backtrader and the depth of its capabilities. It's incredible and you should be very proud!

    It would be an absolute shame to see the project wither and splinter into various forks.

    Please continue to support the project. If you do want to take some time off, then please consider inviting a few others into the project as collaborators.


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