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Are there any simple portfolio rebalancing strategies for reference?

  • per title

  • Don't know but it should be fairly easy (a couple of free hours during the Christmas break ... )

    def next(self):
        rebalanced_datas = sorted(self.criteria.items(), lambda data, criterion: criterion)
        l = len(rebalanced_datas)
        upper = 90
        lower = 10
        # simple weight allocation
        percents = [(upper - x * (upper - lower) / (l - 1)) / 100.0 for x in range(l)]
        # normalize the percentages
        sperc = sum(percents)
        percents = [p / sperc for p in percents]
        for data, percent in zip(rebalanced_datas, percents):
            self.order_target_percent(data, target=percent)

    The sauce is obviously in the values of the self.criteria dictionary which will probably be custom indicators which decide what the most attractive asset is.

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