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plotting issue

  • When I use one data feed, the plotting works fine. Once I add the second data feed, the plotting, actually the buy point plotting, looks strange for me. they are floating somewhere in the middle of the screen.

    I am sure I am using datas[0] for buy/sell order.

    May I know what configuration did I miss? Shall I check buy or check plotting?

    (I was trying to show the screenshot, but I met problem when I try to upload pic, it says "something went wrong while parsing server request")

  • After several round testing, I found the root cause is probably datafeed0 has some missing data. say the test range is between 2015/1 to 2015/6, datafeed0 has no data for 2015/2, while datafeed1 is complete.

    How to fix plotting issue which is caused by this reason?

  • It's going to be difficult to say anything. See:

    • No code
    • No data
    • No plot (yes, read your "something went wrong while parsing server request", but others posts images and you can in any case upload to one of the multiple servers for sharing images)

    The plot being at the end of the day the least important part.

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