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handle missing data

  • Many thanks to author, this is a great tool that really release me from writing my own backtest framework!

    I am new to this tool. I am not sure whether this is stupid question, but I have been searching for a while, and finally decide come here for help.

    My problem is, I have two data feeds, one of them doesn't have trade data during, say 2015-11-02 ~ 2015-11-11. So when I try to run my strategy from 2015-11-1 to 2015-12-1, the system only feed my strategy with data start from 2015-11-12. I guess this is because one of my dataset has missing value.

    I know we can use forward fill to fill the missing value, but my neural network will probably not able to handle this way of filling. I shall give a clear signal to my strategy that between 2015-11-02 and 2015-11-11, the data is missing, so that I can skip this stock in my NN.

    What I expected is, the system shall feed my strategy from 2015-11-1, because one stock do has trading data...
    Thanks in advance. (If needed, I can post my code and result. )

  • Put trading logic in the prenext() function as well as in the next(). This should help.

  • @ab_trader Does that mean, I shall use pretext() instead of next() in my strategy?

  • @hobart-liu nope, prenext() is called before next(). You need to call trading logic in both functions. But in the prenext() you'll need to check the availability of data.

    Backtrader goes thru all datafeeds bar by bar. Until all datafeeds have values and all indicators have values it calls prenext(). After it calls next().