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Manual Order Execution Trigger

  • Hi,

    I'd like to inhibit the default order execution trigger, and replace it with my own routine giving the exact moment, price, accepted/rejected status, etc that i get from extrerna messaging sources. In spite of searching the documentation, including the description of the live trading stores (Oanda, IBrockers) , I still don't know how to go about this ...

    I suspect that this should happen in the next() method of my Strategy after checking the order status in this external messaging queue, but not sure. Also should this trigger be a method call or simply assigning the desired values to the function ?

    Any hint is much appreciated !

  • @bborca

    Sorry, instead of "function" I meant ... assigning desired status, price, etc to the order members.


  • How you could inhibit that is unclear, it doesn't seem to be posible. But there is a post on how to automatically trigger orders at a given price for historical performance evaluation.

    It seems to only cover the Completed status.

    Else, you seem to be bound to develop a broker.

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