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Copyright Abuse?

  • So I am seeing a few messages on Github and the top of these forums about Copyright abuse...

    Anyone know what this is about?

  • Also curious what is going on. I really like the platform and am really hoping this is not as serious as it seems.

  • I had two pull requests cancelled. One was small and I had message saying it was fixed in a different way. The other, my Kelly analyzer was cancelled along with copyright notice.

    The Kelly analyser isn't that important but I've spent a couple of weeks writing a nice strategy statistics table output that I think will help community. I was going to upload it this week. Hopefully issue will be sorted soon as I wrote it for community! Would be helpful to see more information.

  • This is alarming. If you won't answer any future messages, then why not at least explain the implications of this message to all contributors and users of backtrader?!

  • It is interesting because the source code is provided as GNU

    From gihub
    mementum/backtrader is licensed under the
    GNU General Public License v3.0


    • Commercial use
    • Modification
    • Distribution
    • Patent use
    • Private use


    • Liability
    • Warranty
    • Conditions

    License and copyright notice

    • State changes
    • Disclose source
    • Same license

    So perhaps someone is claiming the work as their own?

  • @Richard-O'Regan

    Yeah, I have been looking forward to seeing your Kelly work make it's way to the framework. Hopefully, this issue will be resolved in the future.

  • @ThatBlokeDave Hey nice one mate.. tho that Kelly Analyser is shit in comparison to the new basic key statistics table I've almost finished :) just need to comment it and write help notes..

    Funny as it's taken me much longer than I expected and made me realise how much time and effort Daniel/backtrader put in to write Backtrader, labour of love and no pay.

    At the same time, as I mentioned in my first ever post on this board 2 months ago - it concerned me he was the only main contributor - nobody else seems to have an in depth knowledge (he is mostly the only guy who answers complicated posts)

    It means all the work has to end up going through him - also I noticed Praveen made a pull request a month ago that looked cool, some kind of Transform, Fisher transform I think it was.. and it sat there a long time not accepted..

    I was concerned that a slow response may slow other people improving Backtrader. At the same time, as respect to him, I'm sure he is overloaded with life and other projects and I'm not paying him, so cheeky to push.

    I feel there needs to be couple of Daniels hat have authority to accept pull-requests changes to code and to share workload e.g. answer forum posts.
    Also it would be nice to this community develop and have more contributors .. keep this momentum going and make Backtrader more powerful for all of us. It seems quieter in this forum than other forums, lots of views on posts but people don't say much.

    Myself, I've got up to speed with some of backend of code, enough to modify.. but nowhere near in depth knowledge to answer some of the questions here.

  • The no pull-requests thing is most troubling. That is the one of the best things about FOSS, is the community can contribute. Combined with the fact that he might be saying he isn't going to post messages in forum anymore, that is a project killer. Maybe we should start submitting pull requests to @Richard-O-Regan 's fork

  • @CptanPanic I'm happy to temporarily do this until Daniel is comfortable with his version 2.0 /copyright issues and accepting pull requests.

    My knowledge on BT is not a patch on Daniel's, but we can try stuff out and probably brake stuff, and the best features we can later submit to Daniel for his version 2.0, at least in the meantime the ball is rolling.

    I also had the suggestion from another member for the same idea he wrote 'It might fragment the code base but what alternative do we have?'

    Ok Guys, if anyone wants to submit pull-requests to my fork, then I'll aim to check through and give feedback within 72 hours.

  • @Richard-O'Regan so you think this "no further messages will be answered and no pull-requests will be accepted" is a temporary thing, and @backtrader is still developing 2.0 in private?

  • I don't quite understand why Daniel did not leave a short post explaining exact crossed my mind if it's even a test, to encourage community to survive without him..:) already I see some other people stepping up to answer questions that Daniel would usually answer. Haha probably not . but who knows.. maybe he just worked too hard for too long and is a bit burned out.. time will reveal answers.
    In meantime I'm gonna crack on with my code.

    RE version 2.0, someone else on this forum told me this was so (I didn't ask permission if I could quote their name, but I have no reason to doubt and it wasn't a secret, Daniel mentioned it a couple of times in posts.)

  • @Richard-O'Regan

    One thing we should be aware of is that if the project is abandoned long term, we may lose access to these forums and online documentation. I doubt it is being hosted for free.

    If that day comes, I have a site which could host the forums. Documentation might need to be re-written as (I think) that was the cause of the copyright issue??? (fingers crossed it doesn't come to that).

  • Hi guys, DRo has been very generous by sharing all his work on backtrader (code, docs, answering to questions and more). Having more people understanding the platform and explaining how to handle it would be the best action to sustain this work. I would be happy to help on that...

  • Looks like DRo will continue the work on bt


  • @ab_trader DRo = Daniel Rodriguez for those that didn't immediately get, it took me a few secs :)

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