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Most elegant way to access Strategy Object from Cerebro

  • Hi,

    I've been using BT for a week now, must say I'm enjoying using it compared to other platforms I've tried.

    How should I access the strategy object from Cerebro?
    I've looked through the source code but cannot find any methods to do so.
    I've been using

    c.add.. data and strategy (..etc etc..)
    # To access the Strategy object
    c.runstrats[0][0].   # I can now get to Strategy object I just added..

    Or should there be no reason why I need to access individual Strategy object?

  • administrators does actually return the final strategies. The returned value is different depending on whether you optimized or not.

    It is documented under: Docs - Cerebro

    • For No Optimization: a list contanining instances of the Strategy classes added with addstrategy
    • For Optimization: a list of lists which contain instances of the Strategy classes added with addstrategy

  • Ahh.. that makes total sense.. surprised I missed in the docs, I was looking in different places for e.g. 'get_strategy()'.. e.t.c.

    Your quick replies are really appreciated and help with speedy development.

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