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Help with starting up

  • Hello all,
    I am a newbie (in Python and Backtrader) and need some help with getting a basic version of my system up&running. Data will be from the futures markets (taken from Quandl) and execution to take place into IB.

    Is there any bulletin board where I can see people experienced with Backtrader willing to offer a few hours of freelance help?

    Thanks in advance

  • administrators

    There have been a couple of job offers on Freelancer and Upwork and some initial offers were delivered. Whether those crystallized into actual jobs is unknown.

  • Hi,

    I understand where you are coming from.

    I personally think Daniel has done a thorough job with documentation. Was easier to use than QuantConnect docs (and QC have a bigger team of people).

    At the same time, I find BT docs quite technical and there are many features that I original didn't notice in the documentation that I then read in answers in these forums.

    There is the Quickstart guide, which is a nice help, but I feel like there needs to be like an idiots guide from complete scratch, eg 'Backtrader from beginner to advanced in 101 short source code example exercises'. Something fun and simple and quick and with many many exercises with answers.

    I'm thinking if I get more familiar with BT over next few months I could help out in some way with that.
    I a short video , screencast introduction to the source code, running through the major .py scripts and point out how things fit together.. perhaps some OO diagrams etc

    Maybe overtime the community will evolve and more contributors can help out.

    For now DrHari.. I've coded in many languages for a number of years, and picked up several API's and 3rd party software.. I'm very creative but along with that I'm mildly dyslexic.. I always find learning anything technical confusing at first, but just stick with it, do 90mins a day everyday if you can, and keep with it.. gradually the pieces of the jigsaw will come together and you will get the hang of it mate.. and gain a deep understanding.. it will feel slow at start and at times impossibly hard, but this steep learning curve will flatten, trust me, keep at it brother!!

  • @backtrader :Thank you for pointing this out.

    Thank you very much for your kind words and encouragement.

    I agree that the documentation looks very thoughtful and meticulous, but maybe for someone who knows his ways around Python.

    Thus, I started the Python Datacamp courses, which I find really good for my level. Are there any material you would recommend that I read/try to steepen the learning curve a bit?

    Contributing to the community in that way sounds great - I wish I could help, but I am obviously getting ahead of myself - pls hit me up in the future, if indeed you are considering doing this!

    Many thanks and good luck with your work!

  • @DrHari Heya, excuse slow response. I only just noticed your reply for some reason. RE resources, any standard Python resources will be fine. So Datacamp I believe are good. Also Udacity offer free versions of their courses. Also are very good and coursera offer many courses. To be honest, prob doesn't matter which ones you do. They will all teach the basics, key thing is to complete a couple, just be consistent, code a bit everyday, even if you don't feel like it. Also start with some very simple BT examples, e.g. write the simplest code to load some data for eg 10 days of SPY, and buy at open and sell at close same day. Don't worry if you don't understand everything, just try and get something working. Play with this e.g. add Analyzers (like TradeAnalyzer to see number of trades, how many lost and won.. ) See if you can plot the output etc.. How are you getting on so far?

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