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Re-sample of Oanda demo live data

  • Hello,

    I am testing Backtrader with the Oanda demo live streaming data. I can receive the tick data & aggregate the data in minute time frame (I can see the data0 with OHLC in the log every minute).

    I am trying to work on some indicators like RSI, and I can generate the RSI (14 period) using the 1-min data.

    Now I try to generate the RSI using 5-min data by applying "compression = 5" for re-sampling, but the data0 is now produced every 5 minutes.

    I want to have the data0 generated every minute while to calculate the RSI with 5-min data. How can I do that?


  • administrators

    That's not resampling, that's replaying, because you replay your target until you get to the final target.

    If you are using the live stream you have to:

    • resample to 1 minute
    • replay the resampled data to 5 minutes

    See Docs - Data Replay

    Something like this

    data = oandastore.getdata(...)
    data1 = cerebro.resampledata(data, timeframe=bt.TimeFrame.Minutes, compression=1)
    data2 = cerebro.replaydata(data1, timeframe=bt.TimeFrame.Minutes, compression=5)

    This of course adds automatically 2 data feeds to the system: the resampled and the replayed. Take it into account when addressing the data.

    Note: probably never tried before.

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