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Quantopian drops live Brokerage support


    Seems a lot of people are disappointed about this. I wouldn't be surprised if there is an uptick in people looking at Backtrader now.

  • And now they are closing completely:

    Hello everyone,

    Since 2012, Quantopian has been a place for people all over the world to learn quantitative finance. Today, I’m sad to say that we will be winding down Quantopian’s free community offering over the next couple of weeks and on November 14th, the community platform will be taken down.

    I love the Quantopian community and I am so grateful that you believed in us and supported us over this long journey. Crowd-sourcing alpha was a moonshot and I’m deeply thankful that we had the opportunity to pursue the dream together for 9 years.

    Our mission was to break open quant finance and make it accessible to everyone. You helped realize this mission and came together to form the biggest community of quants the world has ever seen. For that, I am extremely proud and grateful. I sincerely hope that Quantopian is just one milestone in your journey through quantitative finance. Knowing so many of you and your creative energy, I expect you will use your Quantopian experience to learn and grow, and look for new ways to disrupt the industry.

    In terms of logistics, Research and Backtesting are no longer available. However, you can download your code (algorithms and notebooks) until November 14th, at which point the Quantopian community website will be taken down. There is a “Download Code” button in your account settings that allows you to download all of your code in a zip file. We know this is short notice, so we’re hoping that this helps you get your IP on to your local machine more easily.

    While the Quantopian community platform will no longer be available, Zipline, Alphalens, Pyfolio, Empyrical, Trading Calendars, and our other open source projects will all live on in GitHub. For those of you who used our tools on Quantopian, we hope that you can turn to the code on GitHub to get setup locally. We are also looking to find a home for the YouTube channel so that the lectures and other educational content can continue to exist online.

    We launched the Quantopian community in 2012 with just a simple backtester. You pushed us to keep building and improving, leading us to the high-quality platform that is Quantopian today. Thank you to everyone for making Quantopian so special.


  • It makes me a little sad because competition is always a good thing but when I compared Quantopian with Backtrader to decide which backtester to learn and use with Python, Backtrader won by far. Hopefully this will make the backtrader community grow....

  • Everything is well-explained.

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