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skip plotting for resampled data?

  • I'm running tests that work on multiple timeframes, but really don't need to see multiple charts when plotting, just makes the chart i am interested in too small. read the docs - can't see how to turn off plotting for resampledata ?

  • although - in a perfect world i would still like to plot a couple of the indicators on resampled data, just not the price chart itself. or, if there is a way to shrink the height of the price chart to close to zero (selectively per dataset) that would work too.

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    See - Docs - Plotting and plotinfo.plot

    Any non-param keywords passed to lines objects will be matched (if possible) to the plotinfo values.

    You can also use a specific PlotScheme (or the keywords arguments) and rowsmajor (it's also in the document above) to reduce the size of the plotted data.

  • sorry, that doesn't help, unless i'm reading the docs wrong. i can show/hide lines on indicators - but i don't know how to not plot the price chart itself for resampled data. in the docs it says plotscheme is system-wide - i want to control this on a dataset level.

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    Have you tried data.plotinfo.plot = False? It's the same as for indicators/observers and anything in the system. It's what's mentioned above.

  • Ah, okay, that does work, thanks. Still getting to grips with the architecture.

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