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    • Redownload the YahooFinance sample data yhoo-1996-2015
    • Add unstable exception for TALIB SAR
    • Add notes about usage of Hurst exponent and lag_start/lag_end parameters
      to override default lag values
    • Fix #321 by correcting typo in Writer.writelines
    • Add _start/start methods to Observers
    • Add fund tracking mode to the observers
    • Add new observers FundValue/FundShares
    • Adapt observers to fundmode: Value, TimeReturn, LogReturns, DrawDown,
    • Adapt analyzers to fundmode: DrawDown, Leverage, LogReturnsRolling,
      PeriodStats, LogReturns, Sharpe, TimeReturn, VWR
    • PR #319 for Pandas .ix deprecation (rewritten)

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    For the fund tracking functionality see: Blog - Fund Tracking

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    See Community - Release for a quick fix reported with GitHub Issue #323. The new fund functionality had only been tested with the simulation broker (for which it makes sense) It would break the other brokers when the strategy tried to get the fund value with a non existing method

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