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Save analyzer Output to Log

  • Hi,

    I am currently saving 'all' BT output to a logfile, however I am not sure how to save the last 'printout' from the analyzers. Is there someplace in the code I can opt to have the output written to a file?

    Thank you!

  • @cwse Maybe look at providing an instruction in the stop() method (either in the strategy or analyzer; I'm not sure which, but my hunch is you'd look to the strategy) to log final output. I have not done this myself, so I'm speaking out of ignorance, but that would be what I'd try.

  • writer saves all data as .csv files.

    docs - writer

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    The actual output produced by an analyzer is free. It is regularly a dict but must not be. It is whatever is returned by get_analysis and as such free format.

    The Writer, which as pointed out by @ab_trader writes everything to a file, tries to take into account as much as possible to produce a sensible output, but this may not work with all possible return values of get_analysis

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