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    • Fix PSAR calculations for resampled/replayed streams
    • Sample for psar with intraday resampling 5 -> 15 minutes
    • Set the environment of a backfill_from data in master ibdata
    • Add dnames to the strategy documentation
    • Allow plotmaster to point to itself
    • Add plotylimited option to control vertical scaling locking on data plots
    • Add (semi)logarithmic plotlog control to plotinfo
    • Simplify live status detection for IB to allow optimization
    • Keep the observer cycles always synchronized with the strategy cycles
      regardless of running mode
    • Correct arguments for top level cerebro callback for data notifications
    • Add HeikinAshi candles indicator (plotted as lines)
    • Add HeikinAshi as filter to directly modify the data
    • Plot only last close value if lineonclose is plotted and correct high
    • Add PR #320 with indicators AwesomeOscillator,
      AccelerationDecelerationOscillator, RelativeMomentumIndex
    • Doc corrections and additions, including PR #319
    • PR #315 with rewrite to generalize setting the backend

  • administrators

    See this blog post commenting some of the things available with this release: Blog - Release

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