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optstrategy() and plotting

  • Hi Everybody, dear @backtrader,

    When I try to use optstrategy() with a Pandas data source, I cannot plot my results to png files. As I understand, this should be possible, according to the documentation:

    savefig: set to True to save to a file rather than plot
    figfilename: name of the file. Use {j} in the name for the strategy index to which the figure corresponds and use `{i}`` to insert figure number if multiple figures are being used per strategy plot

    I'd like to plot my results after each run has finished.

    This is my code:

               if g_save_plot==True:
                   plot_file_path = log_file_path.replace('.txt','_{j}_{i}.png')
                   cerebro.plot(savefig=True, figfilename=plot_file_path) #numfigs=len(g_instruments), 

    However, when I call this, I get an error:

    Traceback (most recent call last):
     File "C:\Baixinho\", line 962, in <module>
       cancelled = bt_backtest.backtest(g_data_source, g_backtest_mode, g_resolution, loaded_training_df, training_fold_ranges_df, model, g_db, test_df, g_log_file_path)                
     File "C:\Baixinho\", line 995, in backtest
       cerebro.plot(savefig=True, figfilename=plot_file_path) #numfigs=len(g_instruments), 
     File "C:\Users\peter\Anaconda3\lib\site-packages\backtrader\", line 927, in plot
       start=start, end=end)
     File "C:\Users\peter\Anaconda3\lib\site-packages\backtrader\plot\", line 119, in plot
       if not strategy.datas:
    AttributeError: 'OptReturn' object has no attribute 'datas'

    And this is line 119 and 120 in (I've just upgraded backtrader to the latest version):

           if not strategy.datas:

    I don’t really get why “strategy” is an OptReturn object, but I’m not a Python expert.

    Do I misunderstand the usage of cerebro.plot() when optimizing strategies?

    Alternatively, it would be great to be able to save the plots separately, when a strategy finished (method stop()). Is that possible?


  • administrators

    OptReturn is a simplified return instance which mimics a strategy, to reduce the overhead of message passing from worker processes to the main process.

    See: Docs - Optimization Improvements

    Plotting has never been tested with optimization (not an expected use case)

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