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Datafeed Development

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  • Hola, as I'm using Visual Chart for trading, and I'm looking for a language that can expand my tools: does this VCHARTDATA module work in real time? Is it able to get events from Visual Chart? Or is it just for backtesting? Thanks

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    In this blog post, the described data feed is for the exported CSV data files or for direct usage of the binary (.fd or .min) which are of course static

    For a real-time feed and trading broker for VisualChart you may want to look into:

    In the blog post introducing the feature you can see orders that were sent to VisualChart over the COM interface.

    To take into account:

    • Test a lot. The code may contain bugs, your code may contain bugs and even VisualChart may contain bugs.
    • You need the python comtypes packaged detailed in the documentation. The Pull-Request hasn't yet been integrated into the main development tree (which seems more or less stopped from a development point of view)

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