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EoDevelopment 1.x

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    With Community - Release further development comes mostly to an end.

    The 3 major topics addressed in Community - v1.x -Quick Roadmap were

    • Timers: [Done] with Release (although not yet documented)

    • Collection of numpy/pandas/statsmodel dependent indicators: [Done]

    • Reverting Resampling/Replaying to the original model [Discarded]

      Even if discarded, trading calendars were added to improve some scenarios and timeframe/compression and sessionend parameters were tightened

    It will be time to explore new ideas for a version 2.x which should look into improving the overall speed and cleaning up the many trial and error approaches (and the wounds left behind with it) to end up with the existing API. Compatibility will be kept as much as possible, but should not hinder progress.

    There is still a pending action point which actually emanates from the contributions in the community: Creation of a FAQ with the most common things that have been reported. For example: passing the data feed in reverse order.

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    Note: A couple of versions may still take place, which may add missing documentation and some sample which were not yet added. But the set of features will remain stable.

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