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IB Disconnection

  • I know this is not completely tied to backtrader functionality, but maybe it´s something can be managed directly with some property or in a better way I´m doing it.
    My problem is that I have a Live algorithm connected to IB, but all the nights, when IB reboot (I´m connected through the TWS Gateway), it gets disconnected and can´t reconnect again.
    So, every morning I have to start up the script again.

    I´m using this snippet of code to do the IB connection

    storekwargs = dict(
            host='', port=7496,
            clientId=None, reconnect=100, timeout=3.0, _debug=False)
        ibstore = bt.stores.IBStore(**storekwargs)

    I was assuming reconnect and timeout properties should do this, but it seems always get disconnected.

    Is this something can be managed from backtrader or should I do it from an external script/app? Do someone has the same problem?

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