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positionFill option doesn't work when I call close().

  • Hi, everyone.
    I'm trying to specify the positionFill option when I call close().
    But it does not work properly.
    I use OANDA live trading.

    Thank you very much for your help.

    My code:

        kwargs = dict(

    notify_store:('positionFill': 'DEFAULT' Why???)

    *****, STORE NOTIF:, {'id': '902', 'time': '1605605285.328517100', 'userID': 12345678, 'accountID': '101-009-12345678-001', 'batchID': '902', 'requestID': '78791990707426496', 'type': 'MARKET_ORDER', 'instrument': 'GBP_JPY', 'units': '-20.0', 'timeInForce': 'FOK', 'positionFill': 'DEFAULT', 'reason': 'CLIENT_ORDER', 'clientExtensions': {'id': '1605604583.042589-37'}}

    FYI: Oanda V20 API Reference

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