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Backtrader only as a signal generator.

  • Hi! I need help with some approach of using backtrader. I'm using it to test strategies using bt indicators and now I'm trying to get live BUT: I'm going to trade crypto on Binance and use freqtrade for it (to not implement logic of buying/selling by myself). The main question: is it possible to use it in that way returning signal from bt instance? Just something like this:

    buy_signal =[0])
    # buy_signal False or True or Whatewer

    Really cant find anything in docs :(

  • from what it sounds like, this project would better fit your needs:

  • @hghhgghdf-dfdf Tanks for reply. I checked this out and from I saw it is not suited my requirements (or I missed something). But in that context I need to use backtrader.indicators (a.e. backtrader.indicators.LaguerreRSI) outside backtrader as usual indicators. Is it possible?