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Anyone here running backtrader with a cloud service?

  • I'm dealing with a universe of 2000+ stocks and 6 years' daily data. Each run of my strategy costs me about 20min(6th gen i5 with 16GB ram). I wonder if I can cut it down with cloud computing. I searched the forum but not a lot of posts are talking about it. Anyone has any suggestion about which cloud platform is more friendly with this tool. Thanks in advance!

  • I'm using linode and it works well. You can custom select how powerful your server is but you need to get approved to use the dedicated servers to really get many cpus.

    One note though, and I learned this the hard way, you have to kill your server completely when not in use or you keep paying, even if shut down. Create an image and just restart from the image everytime you use it.

    This all still costs some money, but the time saving is enormous.

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