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Placing an order above first candle....

  • Hi, I would likenng to code the following statergy.

    1. Select 15 mins time frame.
    2. Wait for the first candle to finish.
    3. If the second or any further candle breaks high of first candle, PLACE A BUY ORDER.
    4. Wait for +3 points and EXIT the order..

    Now I would need help(code snippet) on the following
    a) How do i set the 15 mins time frame.
    b) How do i get hold of the high and low of first candle.
    c) How do i start(or loop) after the first candle.

  • I would recommend you to read docs, go thru quickstart, than develop your script. This will resolve your questions, if some of them still stay, you can post your script, outputs an issues here. Somebody will help you.

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