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Stop orders are generating Margin error

  • Lets say that i have $1000 in cash and I want to short a stock that is currently at trading at 90. i want to short at 100 and stop loss at 110 if the trade goes against me (just an example).

    I set the following trade:

    1. limit order to sell 10 stocks at 100.
    2. limit stop order to buy 10 stocks at 110.

    if this trade goes against me, i should lose $100 and have $900 cash remaining.

    BUT when i send these orders to backtrader, I get margin error (order.status == order.Margin) on the stop loss because the engine is thinking that i will need $1100 in order to buy 10 stocks at 110...
    I know that until the price will hit the stop loss, i will have more cash from short selling... but the program cant calculate it and returns an error...

    What is the right way to solve it?
    how can i set stop loss, without getting margin called on me?

  • I found a solution...

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