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order is completed but no trade notified!

  • Hi everyone!
    I'm new to backtrader.

    I use a customized strategy with a .csv file.
    At the end of running, there are about 30000 COMPLETED order but just 4 trades!
    I mean I really buy and sell and the positions and cash changes during the running time but many of the orders complete without the creation of any order.
    And because of that, all analyzers are useless. :(

    Please help me. I need analyzers results containing 30000 trades, not just 4.

  • Provide the script reproducing the issue, data feed, logs showing the issue, and what are the expectations. No need to provide data feed with all 30000 orders, make shorter version. The same for script. Clearer initial data, quicker the resolution.

    Somebody here may help you if they have time. But I would recommend to learn how to debug your own code. This is responsibility of the code developer.

  • Thanks for answering.
    Finally, I found out that trades are completed only when the position of the asset turns 0.
    Thanks again.

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