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Broker to execute the order with the closing price and not with the average price

  • Current situation: the order is issued in the "next" method and then before the start of the next candle, the method "notify_order" will check if there's an order request pending and execute them at the average price.

    What I expect: I would like that the order is executed with the closing price of the candle that I use to issue the order.

    is it possible to do it with backtrader?

  • Search cheat-on-close in the forum and documentation.

  • I've already tried it, however this will take the open price of the next candle. And I want to take the closing price of the current candle (the one of when I released the order). The behaviour expected is: release the order and make the broker action the order right away.

  • cheat-on-close forces bt to execute orders on the close of the current bar. Order notifications come on the next bar.

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