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Bug in timers?

  • Using daily dataset and several SMA over short & long period, I get normal values when using the next() function to calculate values and execute trades, but if I place a timer and move the logic from next() into notify_timer(), for example:
    when=dtm.time(9, 31),

    The timer executes, but there are gaps of several days here and there in the SMA data with the exact same dataset.
    Why notify_timer() doesn't see the precalculated values of the SMA properly the same way next() sees them?

    Here is an example using Yahoo daily dataset of SPY:
    2020-05-20, DATA
    2020-05-21, DATA
    2020-05-22, DATA
    2020-05-26 NO DATA (timer doesn't execute?)
    2020-05-27, DATA
    2020-05-28 NO DATA (timer doesn't execute?)
    2020-05-29, DATA

    Where as if the logic is in next(), all days have data

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