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nan with indicator when working with offset

  • Hey Experts,

    I made a prediction-indicator working (prototype): 100 past periods predict the next two.
    But it seems, the predict is 5 periods late,
    So I have to move the predictions 5 periods back (offset).
    (Off course this is just prototyping...not for going live!)
    But finally the successive Indicators switch to "nan" (and i have more Indis than just one).
    Any possible solution for this?

    The well-working code is:

    class predictIndi(bt.Indicator):
        lines = ('pred_a', 'pred_b', 'a_diff_b',)
        params = (('period', 100), ('offset', 5),)
        def __init__(self):
            self.addminperiod(self.params.period + self.params.offset)
        def next(self):              
            ---- doing-some-magic-predict-request ---
            self.pred_a[0] = predValueA
            self.pred_b[0] = predValueB
            self.a_diff_b = self.pred_a - self.pred_b

    This works well and I can log (printout) the corresponding values


    But as the prediction seems 5 periods late, I have to move the prediction to 5 periods earlier.
    This works very well on the plot-graphics and seems to workout.
    Lines of ValueA and ValueB moved 5periods back and are much better in place for building indicator on them.

            self.pred_a[-self.params.offset] = predValueA
            self.pred_b[-self.params.offset] = predValueB

    But then, a problem is rising with the subsequent indicators which turn to "nan"

            self.pred_a[-self.params.offset] = predValueA
            self.pred_b[-self.params.offset] = predValueB
            self.a_diff_b = self.tfpred_a - self.tfpred_b
            self.b_diff_a = self.tfpred_b - self.tfpred_a


    I tried alot, nothing make them alive again. (Have researched docu and forum)
    Any solution for this?
    Maybe just notation/syntax problem?

  • just to mention, timeframe within datarequest is ok, its all sized to M5

    dataLoad = bt.feeds.IBData(
                    compression = 5

  • too simple...of course [0] of the indicators are NONE if they are filled on [offset].
    Then [0] cannot be handled anymore by next indicators.

    Solution: All indicators needs be doubled with offset-twin.

            self.pred_a[0] = predValueA
            self.pred_b[0] = predValueB
            self.a_diff_b[0] = self.pred_a - self.pred_b
            self.predOffset_a[-self.params.offset] = predValueA
            self.predOffset_b[-self.params.offset] = predValueB
            self.a_diff_b_Offset = self.predOffset_a - self.predOffset_b

    That works.

  • I dont want to bother anyone here with too simple or 100% exact posting this post needs to be edit or delete...I was looking for this many times but I cannot find a link providing me this possibility.

    If someone can give me a hint, how to change (edit/delete) after posting, I would be very happy.

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