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Position management techniques

  • I'm curious if anyone has implemented anything, or knows of some good resources to share?

    Looking to implement robust position management. To me, this means a few things:

    • Limit (maker) orders for lower fees, with a configurable time limit that will switch to market orders to JFDI if taking too long.
    • Slow position acquisition when buying larger sizes (limits and timeouts, as well).
    • Smart enough to not continually buy fractional sizes if it gets in a situation where there's tiny amounts left from previous trades (potentially: camp in stake_currency?)

    Ideally all of that will happen by simply having a strategy set leverage between say -3 and +3, though I haven't looked into how to do that - I guess I can just remove and re-add the commission scheme to cerebro.

    Thanks for any pointers before I embark on doing it all my from scratch :)

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