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Throwing an exception when run in multiple processes

  • I write a strategy in this Jupyter notebook: Clenow trend following strategy - Github

    I try to run a grid search to find out the optimal parameters combination. If I run sequentially as the following, no problem at all:

    stats = []
        for params in tqdm(params_list):
            result = run_strategy(params)

    If I run in parallel as the following:

    stats = db.from_sequence(params_list).map(run_strategy).compute()

    It always throw out an exception:

    ~/anaconda3/lib/python3.7/site-packages/backtrader/ in dopostinit()
        134         # my minperiod is as large as the minperiod of my lines
    --> 135         _obj._minperiod = max([x._minperiod for x in _obj.lines])
        137         # Recalc the period
    ValueError: max() arg is an empty sequence

    Full stack trace is in the Jupyter notebook.

    Any ideas? Thanks!

  • I guess the issue is in the Donchian channel indicator:

    class DonchianChannelsIndicator(bt.Indicator):
        '''Donchian channel.'''
        alias = ('DCH', 'DonchianChannel',)
        lines = ('dcm', 'dch', 'dcl',)  # dc middle, dc high, dc low
        params = (
            ('period', 20), # lookback period
        plotinfo = dict(subplot=False)  # plot along with data
        plotlines = dict(
            dcm=dict(ls='--'),  # dashed line
            dch=dict(_samecolor=True),  # use same color as prev line (dcm)
            dcl=dict(_samecolor=True),  # use same color as prev line (dch)
        def __init__(self):
            self.addminperiod(self.params.period + 1)
            self.lines.dch = bt.indicators.Highest(, period=self.params.period)
            self.lines.dcl = bt.indicators.Lowest(, period=self.params.period)
            self.lines.dcm = (self.lines.dch + self.lines.dcl) / 2.0  # avg of the above

    In sequential mode the indicator has 3 lines, while in parallel mode the indicator has 0 lines, why? This is so weird.

    Probably Backtrader is not compatible with Dask?

  • It seems Backtrader is not compatible with Dask.

    Dask version not working:

    with ProgressBar(): # Backtrader is not compatible with Dask
        stats = db.from_sequence(params_list).map(run_strategy).compute()

    Plain multiprocessing version works:

    with multiprocessing.Pool(os.cpu_count()) as p:
        stats =, params_list)

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