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After stop-loss is executed stop algorithm for x amount of hours

  • I was looking around on how to implement a timer so that every time I get stopped out I want to stop the strategy for x hours and start it up again once x hours has passed.
    What is a simple way to implement this?

    Let's say I have something like this:

    if not self.position:
        if buy_signal1:
    if self.position:
        if sell_signal1:
        if stop_signal:
              if stop_signal:
                    [insert timer code here?]

  • You can simply have a variable (self.no_trade_time) or something like that, place it at the beginning of next and if the time is before that time, no trades. Every time you stop, set the variable 4 hours out.

  • To clarify, you have a return if current time is less than self.no_trade_time.

  • @run-out Thank you!

  • @run-out
    So I did not get the full picture of what you are trying to explain.

    This is what I got so far:

    self.t1 = close + datetime.timedelta(hours=4)

    Current close + 4hours stored in a variable


            if pos == step4:  # 4
                if close <= buy4:
                    self.stoploss = self.sell(price=stop, size=-pos, exectype=bt.Order.Stop)
                    self.log('Close below buy step 4.. creating stoploss @ %.2f' % stop)
                    if close >= sell1:
                        self.log('Current price reached sell 1 cancelling stop... %.2f' % close)

    Where do I place my "timer" variable so that if the stoploss executes the algorithm initiates the variable and stops the algorithm for x hours ?

  • You can set up your variable in notify_order at the end. When the order has traded, set your variable to four hours out, then check that variable at the beginning of next.

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