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about line coupling with out ()

  • Hi. In my test case, I have the following code

    self.isover = self.move_average > self.move_average2( )

    where move_average's timeframe is day, move_average2's timeframe is week.

    if I use the following code and run my strategy, I get the same result as above. So I wonder if we can ommit ( ) after move_average2?

    self.isover = self.move_average > self.move_average2

  • I am asking this becasue the document says in Lines coupling, we should use ( ) notation after the larger timeframe indicator, sma1(), see below. But my test shows that if I omit ( ),that is using sma1, I get same result. Is there something wrong with my result?

    class MyStrategy(bt.Strategy):
    params = dict(period=20)

    def __init__(self):
        # data0 is a daily data
        sma0 = btind.SMA(self.data0, period=15)  # 15 days sma
        # data1 is a weekly data
        sma1 = btind.SMA(self.data1, period=5)  # 5 weeks sma
        self.buysig = sma0 > sma1()
    def next(self):
        if self.buysig[0]:
            print('daily sma is greater than weekly sma1')

  • I would follow docs. Do you have a strong reason to omit ()?

  • Has anyone found a way to turn off the 5 lines associated with LineCoupler when charting?

    I have used Bollinger Bands at data1 = 1min coupled to data0 = 5secs. this works fine, but I want to be able to see the boll bands shown in red, but I do not want to see the 5 line couplers on the chart.


    Ideas on how to hide them?


    Once you have lines coupled, but you do not want to show the lines when plotting, turn them off using this:

    #data0 = lower timeframe
    #data1 = higher timeframe
    def __init__():
         #data1 Bollinger Bands
         self.boll = bb_lc = bt.indicators.BollingerBands(self.data1, period=self.p.bbperiod, devfactor=self.p.devfactor, plot=True)
         #Line Coupling used on Bollinger Bands
         bb_lc1 = bb_lc()
         #Turn off plotting of LinesCoupler
         bb_lc1.plotinfo.plot = False

    More options on plotting:

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