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Multi core indicator processing

  • I am developing a strategy that tests cointegration for a list of 100 companies. I create an object of the indicator for each pair.
    When the strategy is processing the method next for the indicator it processes each indicator at a time.
    Is it possible to process them using all cores?

  • I seams the answer is no, as I have been looking at the code. How ever if I could multiprocess the lines below in it would work.
    Does anyone knows how I can multiprocess this to paralyze indicator analysis?

    def _once(self):
                for indicator in self._lineiterators[LineIterator.IndType]:

    @ab_trader I have seen you are active in this forum. Sorry to call you directly, but do you know how to solve this?

  • @André-Tavares I don't know

  • @backtrader any thoughts on how to speed up this part?

  • I'm not sure the multiprocessor package is the way to go here because of possible data/indicators dependencies that need to be satisfied while calculating the indicator values (in case you are going to provide a fully generic solution).

    Anyway, this could easily require relatively serious development and re-design (even if you are talking about completely independent indicator/data line calculations).

    If you have some design in mind, please share - it could be an interesting proposal.

  • @vladisld I don't have it. I have been trying to change the code to allow multiprocessing but it did not work.

    Another thing I could do to achieve my goal would be to instead of passing to the strategy a list of companies, I could tell it 2 companies and make an optimization of the strategy. This way I would achieve multiprocessing. However I would like to have an analysis of the whole strategy with all pairs together, and doing this I will have the results per pair.
    Is it possible to merge Analyzers in order to see all pairs results together?

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