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btoandav20 sizers

  • Hi !
    Does anyone have experience using the btoandav20.sizers.OandaV20Risk ?

    I think it needs to run in strategy class, next method and not in the run strat right?
    I say this because this sizer requires stoploss pips which is dynamic.

    I tried this which probably is rubbish.

    # in Strategy class I have params dict(sizer = None)
    # and in initi the below. I am just following bt docs. 
    def __init__(self):
     if self.p.sizer is not None:
                self.sizer = self.p.sizer
    def next(self):
            if self.one_test_trade:
                globe.action = 'long'
                self.one_test_trade = False
                price = self.data0.close[0] - 0.0001
                sl_px = price - self.atr[0] * 1.5
                sl_pips = abs(sl_px - price) / 0.0001
                limit_px = price + self.atr[0]
                self.ATR_at_exe = self.atr[0]
    self.exe_size = self.sizer.getsizing(btoandav20.sizers.OandaV20Risk, risk_percents=2, stoploss=sl_pips) 

    the above returns error although risk_percents is a valid param for this sizer:

    TypeError: getsizing() got an unexpected keyword argument 'risk_percents'

    Would some kind souls pls help me with some sample code how this is to be used?

    source code of the sizer is here:

    Thanks a miliion!

  • Re: btoandav20 sizers

    changed to this:

    self.exe_size = btoandav20.sizers.OandaV20Risk(risk_percents=2, stoploss=sl_pips).getsizing(data=self.data0.close[0], isbuy=True)

    which returns error:

    comminfo =
    AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'getcommissioninfo'

    and added this in runstrat:

    comminfo = forexSpreadCommisionScheme(spread=3, acc_counter_currency=False)

    Error is still the same.

    comminfo =
    AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'getcommissioninfo'

  • @J-T from your code examples, it is not clear what you are doing.

    in a strategy, you could do the following:

                self.sizer = btoandav20.sizers.OandaV20Risk(risk_percents=2, stoploss=10)
                print(self.sizer.getsizing(data=self.data0, isbuy=True))

    which will work, when data is a oanda feed

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