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Trade on lower timeframe?

  • Hi!

    I am planning to make a trading bot with renko chart and I'm looking if there is a way when running cerebro to make it "iterate" faster than 1minute.

    So for example if it update the price every 15 or 30 seconds to faster capture a price movement if that were to create a new brick in the chart which could initialize a trade.

    Is this possible to do?

  • you can work on a tick timeframe in backtrader. you just need the data to be delivered in that timeframe. so if you want to work on 15 seconds, your data needs to be in that granularity.

  • Oh alright. I am using Dave Vallance bt-ccxt-store, it must be there the problem lies I know bitmex only delivers ohlc candles of 1m through their api. I was wondering if you could loop to get the live price faster/the last candle but then I know thats where to look for that solution.

    Thank you, for the response!

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