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    • Adding extra day before dtcmp calc, as otherwise the extradays
      have no effect (#388)
    • Fixing the issue with TWS API Bust events (err code 10225) (#396)
    • Add support for ASK quotes for CASH assets (#395) plus fixes
    • Remove duplicated note (#386)
    • Fixing time.clock for python>=3.8 (#394)
    • Changed file initiation for WriterFile to make it work under
      multi-process optimization (#397) plus fixes
    • Fixed backend loading if a backend is loaded (Google Collab) and
      backend to use on MacOSX
    • Fix: crumb in feeds.YahooFinanceData (#400)
    • Fix color assignments, ticks line widths and some pep-8 improvements
    • Fix timeframe/compression detection when plotting
    • Fix default value for ticks display format on X-axis
    • Sample with ta-lib SAR test
    • Generic support of multiple "text/*" content types for Yahoo

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