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Backtrader's Future

  • I remember seeing that backtrader is used in several banks and quant firms... would any of these companies be willing to sponsor backtrader's continued maintenance? Might incentivize Daniel R to keep working on it or incentivize the new admin team.

  • Nice to see original backtrader getting an update. As I understand the future situation about original backtrader, backtrader2 or possible contributions by other people to original backtrader is not decided yet.

    I joined the backtrader2 orginazation (thank you) and updated its master branch to match original backtrader's master branch. Was basically a test but it worked and I think it was not wrong. I hope that was ok for you guys? I don't real know who is supposed to do/to be allowed to do stuff like this.

  • @vladisld I'd love to join as an admin

    I've created a discord group if you all think it will be helpful to have realtime communication. The concern is splitting the community/content so I haven't published a link.

    What do you all think?

  • @vladisld my github username is atulhm

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