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Sharpe ratio with seconds-resolution data

  • I'm using a custom data set

    2020-04-16 09:29:00,3779.4,3778.2,1133760.0,3778.8
    2020-04-16 09:30:00,3781.0,3777.8,1133731.7857142857,3779.4
    2020-04-16 09:30:00,3779.4,3778.0,1133717.7721518988,3778.7
    2020-04-16 09:30:01,3779.2,3778.2,1133700.3956043955,3778.7

    Resampling with this:

            data1, timeframe=bt.TimeFrame.Seconds, compression=1)

    And trying to add Sharpe ration calculation like this:

    cerebro.addanalyzer(btanalyzers.SharpeRatio, _name='mysharpe',
                            timeframe=bt.TimeFrame.Seconds, factor=252, compression=60)

    I'm a bit unclear about the factor and the compression parameters for the SharpeRatio analyzer and what they should be for my timeframe?

    Thanks ahead of time for any help!

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