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Backtrader Alive? Active development?

  • Hello, I am new to BackTrader and was considering learning it for backtests and live trading. However, I noticed there hasn't been any major commits on github in over a year. Is this project still active and under development? Thanks.

  • I would say yes, definitely. As to why there are no commits? My guess would be because it works.

  • bt is considered as completed by the owner/developer, therefore no further development is required.

  • Thanks for the feedback and will give BT a try.

  • It looks like there are several open bugs in the code since some time which I guess won't be fixed anymore. So when you plan to get into BT then be ready to work with the code to be able to cope with bugs/problems. It surely is worth it though. You can find some fixes/improvements in other people's BT forks.

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