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Indian stock market (NSE, BSE) live trading

  • Hello All,

    Hope you all are doing well and keep learning new things in this difficult time. I am new to backtrader and I am setting up environment for NSE/BSE (indian stock market) live trading. I was checking options for NSE live trading can someone please help me with setup. Is interactivebroker account is the only option or is there anyway to setup with india brokers (zerodha, upstrox etc. brokers they are having APIs so not sure if we can create store)? I am trying hard from few weeks to explore options and for the setup but I am not able to find one.

    Thank you so much.

  • Live trading is supported by bt using live data feeds and live brokers or special stores. In Docs - Live Trading you can find what bt supports. If your broker is not there, than you need to write corresponding pieces or find if somebody already made it and ready to share.

  • @ab_trader Thank you so much for your time and help. I have searched alot but there isn't anything in nse live trading I guess I have to create custom code to create broker store.
    Again thanks for your reply.

  • It was some discussions about oanda and ccxt live trading tools development here on the forum. You may want to look on it and use as example.

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