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Detecting state change for indicator from (0 -> 1)

  • Hello everyone,

    Might be a fairly novice question. How do I detect when a signal toggles from 0 to 1.

            super_fast = bt.ind.ExponentialMovingAverage(period=self.params.superFastLength)
            fast = bt.ind.ExponentialMovingAverage(period=self.params.fastLength)
            slow = bt.ind.ExponentialMovingAverage(period=self.params.slowLength)
            self.bullish = bt.ind.And(super_fast > fast, fast > slow, self.data_low > super_fast)

    I tried this but it throws an exception: "TypeError: bool should return bool, returned LineOwnOperation"

    self.bullish_now = bt.And(not self.bullish(-1), self.bullish)

  • Nevermind :)

    self.bullish_now = bt.And(1 - self.bullish(-1), self.bullish)

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