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Integrate with MetaTrader 4

  • Hello, Could someone point me in the right direction in order to reflect trades from BackTrader on MT4? What would be the right approach for the custom broker implementation to talk to MT4? Thanks

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    There doesn't seem to be a fully supported Python API but there are some projects:

    With regards to implementation the lates broker to be added was Oanda and should serve as a guidance. How it is foreseen (but not set in stone):

    • Development of a Store which is a singleton (see the Oanda store -> Source)

      This is the entity which actually talks to the API and creates threads and manages events if needed be

    • Development of a Data Feed (as stated above, see the Oanda data feed -> Source)

    • Development of a Broker (as stated above, see the Oanda broker -> Source)

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