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Oanda live trading not executing trade

  • Hello,
    I downloaded some data from Oanda and backtested the strategy with decent results. I was hoping to connect to Oanda and perform a live test with a paper trade now. I tweaked the file from and I realized that the orders were not being executed in oanda. I decided to go back and utilize the example as it is but again I don't see any orders being executed. I have tried with minimal arguments and also adding timeframe Minutes and compression 1 with no luck. I am sure that it is something quite silly that I am forgetting but I just can't seem to be able to find the solution. I also realized that I am getting the following when I execute the code:

    Strategy Created
    -- Contract Details:
    {'name': 'AUD_CAD', 'type': 'CURRENCY', 'displayName': 'AUD/CAD', 'pipLocation': -4, 'displayPrecision': 5, 'tradeUnitsPrecision': 0, 'minimumTradeSize': '1.0', 'maximumTrailingStopDistance': '1.0', 'minimumTrailingStopDistance': '0.0005', 'maximumPositionSize': '0.0', 'maximumOrderUnits': '100000000.0', 'marginRate': '0.05'}
    Datetime, Open, High, Low, Close, Volume, OpenInterest, SMA
    ***** DATA NOTIF: DELAYED                               

    I am not sure if it is normal that maximumPositionSize is 0.

    Thank you in advance!

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