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On reports

  • Hi,

    Sorry if I am asking a basic question. Analyzer is giving me total number of trades. I am interested in finding out some more details:

    • Total number winning trades
    • Total win amount
    • Total number of losing trades
    • Total lost amount
    • Max win amount
    • Max lost amount
    • Max number of sequential losers
    • Loss caused by maximum number of sequential losers
    • Max number of sequential winners
    • Profit caused by maximum number of sequential winners
      Any help on how I can get that?

    Thanks in advance.

  • administrators

    Which analyzer is giving you the total number of trades? Is it the TradeAnalyzer?

    That analyzer provides also this information:

      - Total Open/Closed Trades
      - Streak Won/Lost Current/Longest
      - ProfitAndLoss Total/Average
      - Won/Lost Count/ Total PNL/ Average PNL / Max PNL
      - Long/Short Count/ Total PNL / Average PNL / Max PNL
          - Won/Lost Count/ Total PNL/ Average PNL / Max PNL
      - Length (bars in the market)
        - Total/Average/Max/Min
        - Won/Lost Total/Average/Max/Min
        - Long/Short Total/Average/Max/Min
          - Won/Lost Total/Average/Max/Min

  • @backtrader Exactly what I was looking for. thanks a lot.

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