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How to ignore 2 headers in a GenericCSV

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    I've got headers on True but it seems to only ignore the first header and read 'Date' as an actual data

  • I didn't try it myself, but probably the following may work:

    class MyGenericCSVData(bt.GenericCSVData):
        def start(self):
            super(MyGenericCSVData, self).start()
            if self.p.headers:
                self.f.readline()  # skip the second header (the first one was skipped in GenericCSVData start method)
    class MyGenericCSV(bt.GenericCSV):
        DataCls = MyGenericCSVData


  • administrators

    The subclass from @vladisld does for sure work.

    You may also read the file with pandas.read_csv, skip what you need and pass it to Cerebro as a PandasData feed.

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