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It is not a bug,but something let code more pretty . code in backtrader/lineiterator/DataAccessor

    class DataAccessor(LineIterator):
        PriceClose = DataSeries.Close
        PriceLow = DataSeries.Low
        PriceHigh = DataSeries.High
        PriceOpen = DataSeries.Open
        PriceVolume = DataSeries.Volume
        PriceOpenInterest = DataSeries.OpenInterest  # modify the  PriceOpenInteres to PriceOpenInterest
        PriceDateTime = DataSeries.DateTime

    ok, I search for the PriceOpenInteres in backtrader on vscode,it just emerge once in this class,so maybe any name can be used here,but I think PriceOpenInterest may be more pretty.

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